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Slate Stone Series

TSF-Slate Stone Series Veneer is Thin Layer of Stone with a fiberglass backing. The material is extremely robust and therefore can be used as a wall covering inside and outside, in wet areas or as a covering in almost all areas of industrial processing. You can also use TSF VENNER SHEET™ in your bathroom,Bedroom, Dining Room, Kitchen, Hotels Lobby or as floor covering.

Discover the beauty of real stone with intense colors and structures with completely new properties: thin, light & flexible.

Every Stone Layer of  TSF VENNER SHEET™ is Extra-ordinary!

Autumn Rustic
Black Line
Z. Green
South Grey
California Gold
Sanjayani White
Silver Shine
Burning Forest Copper
Galaxy Black
Indian Autumn
Multi Pink
Silver Grey
K. Multi
Terra Red
Ocean Green
D. Copper
K. Black
Multi Color
Silver Shine Gold
S.Shine Dark
Benz Shine
D.Green Gold
Multi Pink
Autumn Cream
New Silver Grey
Silver Galaxy
Ocean Black
Sanjayani White
Autumn Rustic
K Black
Cappuccino Cream
Indian Autumn
Multi Color
Silver Shine Black
Panther Green
Silver Galaxy Black


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